Lower School Faculty – Kindergarten-5th Grade

The Great Hearts Forest Heights Lower School Faculty educate our students in the elementary levels.

Victoria Ybarra

KA Apprentice

Ava Vasquez

KB Apprentice

Lorena Salazar

KE Apprentice

Marissa Robledo

1B Apprentice

Rachelle Lockwood

1C Apprentice

Shima Ebadeh Ahwazi

2A Apprentice

Gabrielle Gilmore

3A Apprentice

Tori Mas-ud

3C Apprentice

Michael Johnston

3D Apprentice

Alesandra Bell

4B Apprentice

Nathan Burcham

4D Apprentice

Paul Kengor

5B Lead - History and Science

Linda Butcher

5C Apprentice

Jennifer Boan »

5D Lead - History, Science and Library

Christopher Garana

5D Apprentice

Lower School Specials

Latin, art, music, and physical education are part of the daily curriculum for kindergarten through 5th grades.