In an effort to help continue to improve our pickup and dropoff process, below are a few very important reminders. Please review the complete and updated 2023-2024 Traffic Guidelines document here.

Off-Campus Parking and Traffic

  • Parking in the commercial business park on the corner of Prue & Southwell is not permitted. Please be advised the business park has made it abundantly clear that they will notify law enforcement, and you may be subject to ticketing or tow.
  • In the same respect, using the business park as a place to conduct a U-Turn may also result in a traffic fine.
  • Please do not block driveways and roads while waiting on Prue Road.
  • If you need to wait for pickup, please do not park on Prue Road. We have made alternate arrangements with the First Chinese Baptist Church, just west of the school on Prue Road. Our families can wait there in a secure location and not interrupt the normal traffic flow. At 3:27 p.m. or 1:27 p.m. on early release days, you may proceed to the campus for pickup.
  • We want to be good neighbors to our surrounding communities so we appreciate your cooperation. Please refer to the map below for the location of the First Chinese Baptist Church.

Follow Staff Instructions

  • Please ensure that you are following our traffic staff instructions. Whether in the front of the campuses or in the back, our traffic staff is there to ensure the safety of your scholars. If they ask you to stop your vehicle, please remain stopped until given instructions to proceed. There have been several instances in the first few days during which staff members were nearly hit.
  • Do not unload your students until a staff member is present next to your vehicle and/or opens your door. If you have older scholars, please instruct them not to open their doors until a staff member is present.

Entry and Exit

  • There is only ONE approved entry and exit point onto each campus. For the Upper School, make a right turn onto Legacy Hill from Research Drive. Then turn right into the school parking lot. For the Lower School, enter by making a right turn at the Prue/Research Drive entrance. For reference, please see the map linked here.
  • If you need to pick your child up before the end of the school day, you will need to do so prior to 2:40 p.m. (12:40 p.m. on early release Friday).  The end of the school day is a critical time for our scholars. They will be packing up, receiving announcements and conducting agenda checks, along with finishing the day’s curriculum. When parents attempt to pick up during this time at the end of the day, it becomes a severe disruption to the classroom.  Please plan accordingly.

Wave Times

Wave times are our best option for ensuring less traffic build up on Prue Road. Your wave time is the time that your vehicle should be arriving on campus to pick up your students. If your wave time is later, and you are worried about your scholar waiting too long, their time will not go idly by. The will use that time to catch up on reading their Classics to Keep in class.

Not adhering to wave times may result in:

  • Redirecting or ticketing by law enforcement if the right turn lane is blocked past the orange cones.
  • A much slower pickup process.

In past years, we have noted that our traffic on campus during pickup is much improved when wave times are followed. Please help us to reduce your wait time by adhering to your wave time. Our Lower School students walk to the Upper School if they have a sibling who attends there. They will meet their sibling at the Upper School carline pickup area. Refer to the pickup location tree here. Please refer to the Wave Time logic tree linked here.

Walking Families

  • You may ONLY use the front entrance to the school if you are walking.
  • Please wait for the officer’s instructions before you cross Research Drive at the crosswalks.
  • Walking families must use the railed sidewalk or the gravel sidewalk along the construction area leading to the campus.
  • Please wait for a staff member to stop traffic before you attempt to cross the crosswalk in our parking lot.
  • There will be a staff member there to help you cross safely.
  • If you choose to park somewhere nearby and walk, you do so at your own risk knowing that your vehicle may be ticketed or towed. Our campus will not assist you in dismissing any violations you may receive.
  • If you are walking from the neighborhood behind our campus or any of the neighborhoods across the street from our campus, please only use the designated crossing areas displayed in the map linked here.

There is an adage that a sage Headmaster once used saying, “Slow is smooth and smooth is fast.” Our goal is to create a smooth process with our pickup and dropoff procedures, thereby increasing the speed at which we operate. You can help ensure a smooth process by slowing down and following our recommendations.