Breakfast & Lunch Program

Great Hearts Forest Heights partners with SLA Management for the breakfast and lunch program. SLA works hard to offer your student healthy and delicious meal options each school day. For more information, please visit the SLA Management website, and view the calendar of meals here.

Breakfast: $2.00

Lunch: $4.00

A La Carte: Milk is the only a la carte item offered and is 75 cents.

Great Hearts has recently partnered with LINQ Connect to provide a mobile app for families to add money to meal accounts, add district menus, and set spending limits. Go to the LINQ Connect website to learn more. Through the app, you can:

  • Set reminders and be alerted when your scholar’s account is running low.
  • Check your scholar’s purchase history to see the purchases they make.
  • Apply for free or reduced meals directly from your device.
  • Set up AutoPay, and eliminate the worry of your scholar losing lunch money.

Make sure that your student’s account maintains a positive balance to ensure there is no disruption to their meal service. You may add funds to this account by sending cash or check to the front office or by setting up an account and paying online. The LINQ Connect website will allow you to review purchases and balances, as well. To register for an account, you will need your student’s LINQ Connect ID. To request your child’s ID, please email

The PSO Lunch Committee generously volunteers their time to serve lunch to the participating students. If you are interested in volunteering, visit the PSO Volunteer page.

Please visit our district website for information regarding Free and Reduced Meals, policies, parent guides for LINQConnect, and much more!