Upper School Faculty – 6th-10th Grade

The Great Hearts Forest Heights Upper School Faculty educate our middle- and high-school-age students.

Andrew Hartwell

Interventionist/9th grade math

Luke Ayers »

Dean of Students, Upper School

Dustin Clark

Music (8th, 9th, 10th)

Rebekah Contrestano

Science (7th, 8th)

David Curtis

Science (7th, 9th)

Carolina Franco

Spanish (9th, 10th)

Michael Hegedusich

Math (6th), PE (6th, 7th)

Raymond Kite

History (7th)

Brenda Lemke-Gouthro

Science (7th, 10th)

April Mulcahy

History (8th), Humane Letters (9th)

Rebecca Oakes

Literature Composition (8th), Humane Letters (9th)

Jane Orosco

Art (6th, 8th)

Andrew Riley

Humane Letters (10th)

Richard Solorzano

Latin (6th)

Maurice Torres

Math (6th)

Gabriel Voehl

Latin (8th, 9th, 10th)

Camille Zurcher

Literature Composition (8th), Humane Letters (9th)