Our Administration works together to make important campus level decisions, and to help facilitate growth in our faculty and scholars.

Trey Martin »

Coordinator for Co-Curricular Programs

Operations Staff

The operations staff is vital to keeping the day to day operations going on Campus.

Special Student Services

Special Education, ESL, and Intervention

Angela Brown

SpEd-Lead Teacher

Lower School Faculty

Great Hearts Forest Heights Lower School Faculty

Susan Story

KC-Apprentice Teacher

Amanda Alexander

1A-Apprentice Teacher

Kaylyn Pulaski

2A-Apprentice Teacher

Michael Hegedusich

4B-Apprentice Teacher

Claudia Perez

5-Lead Grammar & Writing

Carolyn Meledeo

7th & 8th grade Math

Upper School Faculty

Great Hearts Forest Heights Upper School Faculty

Jacob Monteverdi

6-Apprentice Teacher

Elias Naegele

7/8 C&D- Pre-Algebra & Algebra 1


Latin, Art, Music, and Physical Education